Hello! My name is Elodie and I am the founder and artist of Picturesque by Elodie. Based in Esperance, Western Australia, a remote but most beautiful place, I am a happy mum of 2 who pursues her dream one day at the time.

I was born and raised in France and, wanting to get more experiences in my life I made the move to Australia. When I arrived in Perth, I was amazed by the large roads, streets, buildings and the friendly people. While traveling throughout the state I fell in love with the big spaces and the natural beauty of the outback and coastline.

After a few years working, I decided to make Australia my home.

Picturesque by Elodie’ was established due to my desire in wanting to share the beauty of this country. I use my photography to design uniquely Australian pieces of artwork.

It is my passion for nature and photography which drove me into this business venture. Using my photography to design uniquely Australian pieces of artwork, I love to create and designs items using the natural wonders that surrounding us.

Why Australian made? I believe that if you design using Australian beauty then the product should be Australian made. So this is my core business value: Make any creation an Aussie Made product. Because I value high-quality Australian-made products, I am committed to ensuring everything I create is made using Australian sourced and processed materials.

Thank you for visiting my website and for supporting Australian small business.

You can follow my business venture and travels over the southeast coast around Esperance via my Facebook Page or Instagram @elodiegoldsmith or you can also use the #picturesquebyelodie.